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GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR LEXUS Lexus vehicles are classy, elegant and luxurious. They're designed to last for years with proper maintenance, but there are some mechanical problems that can occur, just like with any vehicle. If you're considering buying a used Lexus, you should be aware of these problems that are common to the brand. It could help you avoid costly Lexus repair issues when you take your vehicle home. If you have questions, reach out to the experts at Stein Automotive in Louisville, Kentucky. We're here to help! Drive Train Issues The drivetrain warranty on a Lexus is 50,000 miles or 48 months. Although it's possible that your car dealer might offer a drivetrain warranty, the manufacturer's warranty is likely over by the time you buy a used Lexus. The most common engine error code, P0751, indicates a problem with the transmission fluid. It could be dirty or low. But other drivetrain error codes are common, too. Have your mechanic check out your Lexus before you buy. You don ... read more


Lexus Repair


WILL YOUR VW NEED THESE SERVICES? As an expert service provider for German vehicles, Stein Automotive is familiar with the needs and downfalls of the Volkswagen brand. While these vehicles are engineered to the same standards as every other competitive manufacturer, that doesn't mean that they aren't susceptible to a handful of minor problems. All vehicles have their unique service needs! Our team wanted to share what we know about Volkswagens to help drivers prepare for potential repairs. Will your car need one of these repairs throughout its lifetime? Oil Leak Will your VW experience a fluid leak? It depends on the regularity of its oil changes and maintenance service. If you don't visit a professional routinely for fluid service, it's likely that a leak will form. Driving in extreme climates or at low RPMs (such as in heavy traffic) often can also create leaks. Oil leaks from the weakest part of the system, and in most VWs, that's the crankcase, valve cover gaskets, camshaft seals ... read more


COMMON AUTO REPAIRS Many of us rely on our cars and trucks to get us around each day. So, keeping them in good working order is important. And because auto repair services can get expensive, keeping up with maintenance is also useful to avoid the likelihood of pricier repairs. Below are three common repair and maintenance services you should keep in mind to take care of your vehicle. If you need to schedule service or have questions, contact Stein Automotive in Louisville, Kentucky. 1) Transmission Fluid Flush Transmission fluid lubricates your vehicle's transmission's internal components. Over time, contaminants can get caught in your transmission fluid. This can lead to damage to your transmission, which can result in expensive repairs. Flushing and replacing this fluid costs between $75 and $150 typically, which is much less expensive than a new transmission. 2) Tire Replacement Buying and installing new all-season tires will cost between $400 and $800 in most cases. Tires are perha ... read more


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Keeping Up With Your Lexus Maintenance Schedule

SERVICE BREAKDOWN Maintenance is an important aspect of vehicle ownership. Keeping up with the manufacturer's recommended service schedule can help you keep your car running smoothly and minimize the need for expensive Lexus repair jobs in the future. The Lexus maintenance schedule recommends servicing every 5,000 miles or six months. This includes changing fluids and filters as well as other minor tasks. However, there are also some more substantial upkeep tasks at every 15,000 miles. Lexus Upkeep Items at 15,000, 45,000 and 75,000 Miles In addition to changing filter and fluids, your Lexus needs some special attention at these intervals. Lexus maintenance tasks include: Inspect all drive belts Check brake fluid condition Clean and adjust wheels Rotate and balance tires Inspect wheels and brakes for wear and damage Inspect steering and shocks Inspect driveshaft Replace windshield wiper inserts Check spark plug wiring and connections Check cabin air filter and A/C system Service batte ... read more


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WE'LL MAKE IT THROUGH TOGETHER You love your Porsche. You drive it to your favorite places. You take pictures together. So when it needs repair, it can feel like there's a missing piece in your life. If unexpected auto repairs steal away your prized Porsche, follow these tips to help you make it through the day. Remember, the experts at Stein Automotive on Shelbyville Road in Kentucky have your back. We'll make it through this together! Make the Most Of It Maybe you didn't plan on spending the day at the auto repair shop, but this is a great opportunity to learn more about your vehicle! The Porsche specialists at Stein Automotive are always happy to share our knowledge with our customers. Ask about the details of your specific service to get a better understanding of the power and design of your individual vehicle! We would love to talk automotive with you, compare favorite driving experiences, and generally gush about our love for Porsches. Chances are, you'll pick up a new tidbit or ... read more


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