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HOW DOES IT WORK? The DSG, also known as a dual-clutch transmission, is an automatic transmission system that shifts gears faster than any other transmission system currently out in the market. Originally created and marketed by Volkswagen, this product can now be found in other brands like Audi, Hyundai, and Porsche. The system utilizes two different gearboxes — one for odd numbered gears and another for even-numbered gears. While your vehicle shifts gears, these gearboxes will predict and pre-select the next gear in the sequence based on your speed and behavior. Once you shift gears, the transmission uses the clutch for an almost instant switch, with the switches timed at only 8 milliseconds! THE HISTORY Before the DSG, there was the sequential manual transmission (SMT). The SMT was designed to provide automatic transmission drivers the same performance a manual, stick-shift driver experiences. Although it allowed 100% of the power to be transferred from the engine to the wheel ... read more


WHAT YOU SHOULD REQUEST As most vehicle owners should know, following a proper general maintenance routine is important to prolonging the life of your vehicle. These routines help catch any small issues that could hinder the performance of your vehicle or worsen its overall condition. But have you ever wondered what services go into this routine? Although we view every maintenance service as important, there are some that are necessary in order to maintain the condition of your vehicle and its performance. The next time you visit Stein Automotive for your general maintenance service, make sure you request these three services! Your vehicle will be glad you did. Oil Change Motor oil cycles throughout your engine and is responsible for lubricating the components within your engine and keeping it clean. When completely clean, it should have a clear, amber color to it. If you notice that your motor oil is getting dark and gritty, don't worry! That means the oil is doing its job and that it ... read more


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HOW YOU CAN PREPARE Although winters in Kentucky are more manageable compared to others, it's still important for us to prepare our Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the winter. Even with their unique and durable design, a Mercedes-Benz can still break down and fail in a Kentucky winter if the owner isn't adequately prepared. How can you make sure that doesn't happen? Well, if you follow these three winter maintenance tips, you and your Mercedes-Benz are guaranteed to make it through the winter unscathed! Replace Old Tires In other states like Colorado and Minnesota, winter tires may be heavily recommended for your vehicle. Fortunately for Kentucky residents, our winters don't get nearly as bad and winter tires may not be necessary (but if you're interested, see what winter tires work best with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle!). With tha ... read more


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