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IS YOUR CAR READY THIS SEASON? Is your vehicle ready to take on the summer season? Stein Automotive on Taylorsville Road in Kentucky can help you perform repairs and adjustments to ensure your vehicle is fully functional for the next few months. Here are a few services to schedule soon! Summer Maintenance Services Oil Change Take a peek at the tag in the left corner of your windshield. Will your vehicle be due for an oil change during your upcoming road trip? Is it past the due date? Don't skip over the oil changes that help your vehicle's engine perform in the heat. Nobody wants to get stranded with an overheating vehicle! A/C Service When was the last time you showed your vehicle's air conditioning system some love? If you haven't had service since last summer, it's not a bad idea to schedule a quick visit to our shop to check up on vital components. You'll be traveling in cool comfort for the rest of the season! Tire Check How di ... read more


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