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WILL YOUR VW NEED THESE SERVICES? As an expert service provider for German vehicles, Stein Automotive is familiar with the needs and downfalls of the Volkswagen brand. While these vehicles are engineered to the same standards as every other competitive manufacturer, that doesn't mean that they aren't susceptible to a handful of minor problems. All vehicles have their unique service needs! Our team wanted to share what we know about Volkswagens to help drivers prepare for potential repairs. Will your car need one of these repairs throughout its lifetime? Oil Leak Will your VW experience a fluid leak? It depends on the regularity of its oil changes and maintenance service. If you don't visit a professional routinely for fluid service, it's likely that a leak will form. Driving in extreme climates or at low RPMs (such as in heavy traffic) often can also create leaks. Oil leaks from the weakest part of the system, and in most VWs, that's the crankcase, valve cover gaskets, camshaft seals ... read more