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Lexus vehicles are classy, elegant and luxurious. They're designed to last for years with proper maintenance, but there are some mechanical problems that can occur, just like with any vehicle. If you're considering buying a used Lexus, you should be aware of these problems that are common to the brand. It could help you avoid costly Lexus repair issues when you take your vehicle home. If you have questions, reach out to the experts at Stein Automotive in Louisville, Kentucky. We're here to help!

Drive Train Issues

The drivetrain warranty on a Lexus is 50,000 miles or 48 months. Although it's possible that your car dealer might offer a drivetrain warranty, the manufacturer's warranty is likely over by the time you buy a used Lexus. The most common engine error code, P0751, indicates a problem with the transmission fluid. It could be dirty or low. But other drivetrain error codes are common, too. Have your mechanic check out your Lexus before you buy. You don't want to walk into expensive repairs without a complete understanding.

Water Leaks in the Cabin

If your Lexus has a sunroof, it's common for leaks to occur around 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Despite the commonality of this problem, repairs are still costly. Fixing the tubes around the sunroof often costs more than $2,000! Before you purchase a used Lexus, get your mechanic to check out the sunroof. If the seal is defective, make sure it's repaired or replaced before you take it home.

Melting Dashboards

Lexus recently settled a class action lawsuit regarding defective dashboards that melted in the heat of summer. If you're buying a used Lexus, check to make sure that the dashboard has been replaced before you sign on the dotted line. The company offered to replace dashboards at no cost to the owners, which means it should have been replaced before it went back up for sale. It's still a good idea to make sure of that before proceeding.

Lexus vehicles are a great investment, but the cars will need maintenance to retain their value, like vehicles from all other brands. For Lexus repair in the Louisville Kentucky area, contact Stein Automotive. Our professional technicians have years of experience and maintain the highest standards in automotive service.


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