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As an expert service provider for German vehicles, Stein Automotive is familiar with the needs and downfalls of the Volkswagen brand. While these vehicles are engineered to the same standards as every other competitive manufacturer, that doesn't mean that they aren't susceptible to a handful of minor problems. All vehicles have their unique service needs! Our team wanted to share what we know about Volkswagens to help drivers prepare for potential repairs. Will your car need one of these repairs throughout its lifetime?

Oil Leak

Will your VW experience a fluid leak? It depends on the regularity of its oil changes and maintenance service. If you don't visit a professional routinely for fluid service, it's likely that a leak will form. Driving in extreme climates or at low RPMs (such as in heavy traffic) often can also create leaks. Oil leaks from the weakest part of the system, and in most VWs, that's the crankcase, valve cover gaskets, camshaft seals, or O-ring.

Coolant Leak

VWs are known to experience coolant leaks. They are frequently caused by leaks from the water pump, where the internal bearings and seals are weak. They can also start in the hoses, which are susceptible to damage from aging and oil leaks. Leaks begin at the weakest part of the system! That's why our technicians carefully monitor the condition of these parts to ensure they are holding up.

Suspension Issues

If you hear clunking while going over bumps or clicking while turning, that's a sign of a suspension issue. VWs have been known to develop suspension problems caused by faulty ball joints — the part that absorbs up-and-down shocks from the road surface and rotates with steering wheel movement. Let your technician know if you experience clunking or clicking, and they should know to check the ball joints.

Vehicle Overheating

Most VW cooling systems contain a small amount of coolant. That limits how well the vehicle can avoid overheating. As a result, overheating and subsequent damage are not uncommon. Since a range of causes can contribute to overheating, you'll want to work with an experienced professional that can accurately identify the issue in your VW.

Is your Volkswagen experiencing one of these common issues? Don't worry! The German car specialists at Stein Automotive in Louisville, Kentucky, can help!