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As most vehicle owners should know, following a proper general maintenance routine is important to prolonging the life of your vehicle. These routines help catch any small issues that could hinder the performance of your vehicle or worsen its overall condition. But have you ever wondered what services go into this routine? Although we view every maintenance service as important, there are some that are necessary in order to maintain the condition of your vehicle and its performance. The next time you visit Stein Automotive for your general maintenance service, make sure you request these three services! Your vehicle will be glad you did.

Oil Change

Motor oil cycles throughout your engine and is responsible for lubricating the components within your engine and keeping it clean. When completely clean, it should have a clear, amber color to it. If you notice that your motor oil is getting dark and gritty, don't worry! That means the oil is doing its job and that it's just become old and worn out. It's important to have this done promptly though, as this old oil can eventually cause significant damage to your vehicle. By visiting Stein Automotive, we'll be able to provide you and your vehicle with a high-quality oil change that'll improve its overall performance!

Wheel Alignment

Despite the name, a wheel alignment is actually focused on the suspension system of your tires, specifically the toe, camber, and caster. When properly aligned, your vehicle experiences an improved performance and you'll have a much smoother drive. If misaligned, your vehicle could suffer from issues such as pulling and vibrations, both of which make it much more difficult to control your vehicle. By visiting our shop, we'll be able to ensure the tires of your vehicle are meeting the road at the proper angle!

New Tires

Throughout the life of your vehicle, its tire will experience a variety of different weather and driving conditions. As time goes on, the condition of your tires will begin to deteriorate and as a result, it's performance will be reduced. Most tires have a lifespan of 25,000 – 50,000 miles based on driving habits and conditions. If not consistently replaced, issues such as hydroplaning and skidding could occur, as your tires will not have enough tread to grip the road. Although we can easily provide you with new tires, make sure you reference your vehicle's manufacturer's guide, as that will list the tires that your vehicle prefers.


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